I would like to start with the famous saying from Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam; which goes something like this 

Dream is not what you see in sleep, it is the thing which doesn't let you sleep.

Now, we will see how we can achieve the dream which doesn't let us sleep. Having such dreams gives meaning to our life and achieving that, makes us the happiest and most powerful person in the world.

We get many dreams while we fall asleep. It could be: becoming a billionaire, having an expensive car, having a perfect muscular body, etc and the list goes on and on.


This kind of dream also comes into the picture when we awake. This thought usually strikes our mind when we see a particular thing that triggers this action.

And as a result, we start flying in different worlds, which is out of reality, and in some cases, we get motivation too.

But most of the time, this kind of motivation doesn’t last for long. The reason is this feeling we often get when we see someone's success or when one tries to show off his things.

What is meant by having a realistic dream?

The dream is the first by-product which we get to experience before achieving genuine success. We can say it is the first prototype that we get to experience while we are on a successful journey.

We get lots of thoughts when we are awake, but not every thought is always useful. Human beings have great imaginative power. We can think impossible and can make that impossible possible too.

But somewhere or other we lack some planning. Having just a dream in mind will not take you longer.

If you have a dream, it has to be on paper, mentioning the roadmap that you have to work and which way not.

A true dream is something for which you are ready to give your 100% and ready to sacrifice your joy and happiness for that goal.

Remember, having just the dream and planning would not give you desired results, Everything will come to you when you take some effort and start taking action in that direction.

In other words, to make dreams come alive, you have to have an intention to win and be ready to work as a slave. 

What to do if you truly want to make your dream come alive?

Before going further and starting working on your dream, you need to ask these questions to yourself. Do you really want to make your dream into reality? What is your intention behind achieving this?

If I had asked this question to yourself. It is obvious that you will try to give your answer in such a way that it will defend your dream or goal. That is why I said, try to ask this question to yourself. And try to give genuine answers to yourself.

If you truly get the satisfying answer to this question, then you can move with the next step, that is to find out all the requirements and things which you will need while working on that dream. Based on that, make a plan with a proper deadline and flow.

Proper planing and execution

You need to figure out what are the skills and things that you need to acquire, what are the benefits you have got, what are the advantages you have, and so on. Do proper research and based on that you have to design your plan.

If you have a plan and proper intention of achieving your dream career, building a dream business, living a dream life will go easy.

Along with having a proper plan and intention, there are some other factors that you need to keep in mind. They are as follows

Set Your Goals Properly: When you prepare your plan, try to associate it with small action, and with each action, there should be reward that you will get after completing it. This will help you keep yourself motivation at a higher level.

Find your distraction point: One of the biggest barriers when it comes to achieving something is the distraction. Everyone faces this problem at some point in time, but only those who rectify this distraction and take an effort to avoid it get successful.

Finding the right mentor: Things get easy to achieve when one find a person who has already walked that same path. So, take some effort to find these kinds of people's, either offline or online.

Right Mentor

Be prepared for failure: Failure is a part of success, without failure you will not get to eat the success fruit. So, always be prepared for this kind of situation. so that when this kind of situation arises you fight like a soldier and don’t lose your hope.

Don't give up: There is a time when you will feel low in energy and everything seems to be going against you. In this tough time, you need to brave to make every decision carefully. 

Bottom line

Achieving something always looks difficult unless you take action in right direction. As humans, we get a lot of thoughts and ideas when we are awake. But not every thought is always important.

A true dream is something that does not let you sleep, and if you have that dream then no matter what obstacle comes your way, nothing could stop you.

To make the success journey smooth and easy you need to have a proper plan, which divides the bigger goal into small-small goals. And you are working on them one by one to make that dream come true.

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