During the 20s, most people get to experience the actual outside world. That's where most of our false beliefs come to an end. As a result, most of them have no option other than to accept this hard truth about the world.

The ’20s are considered the foundation for everyone’s career, as those years are the deciding year for most people. Some take risks and achieve what they truly dream for, and some people work for other people’s dreams.

So, it’s your choice whether you want to be your boss or want to live for others. Here I have some tips which will help you to be your own boss. I know some of my thoughts may be hard to adopt, but trust me, if you can adopt this in your life. Your life will be complete.

7 Helpful tips for your 20s

  • Degree doesn’t matter the most - experience matters.

Many people have this false belief that if they get a particular degree, they are masters in that field. But in most cases this is not true, a degree is just the key to enter that world, but if you want to serve in that field you have to constantly learn and grow.

Nothing will come to you so easily. It’s your effort that will determine if you are going to rise or not.

Most people spend a tremendous amount of money on achieving a particular degree and don’t give more importance to the learning.

If you only have a degree and no proper knowledge, even if you land up with a good package job, you will have to struggle to survive in that field.

Therefore, give little importance to a degree. Rather, pay more attention to gaining more skills and knowledge. If you become a pro in a particular field by acquiring the required knowledge, then you don’t have worried much about your future.

degree doesn't matter how much you educate, "Your Literature matters how much you get educated"  - Asid Qureshi

  • Listen to yourself - what you want.

Many people acquire different degrees and skills, which is not of their interest and end up regretting it. People have a passion for something, but due to societal pressure and family pressure they end up doing something which is not of their interest.

The best example I am able to give is the people who are going for engineering. Just look around. How many engineers are doing what they are skilled for? I would hardly say a few of them.

That is the reason you will find engineers in a variety of fields. I am not saying don't become an engineer. Life is a consistent learning process, and whatever you learn in life never goes to waste. That's the reason engineers are also rocking in other sectors, too.

But, the most important message which I want to convey here is, listen to yourself, what your mind and body demand. If you have a passion for something, Don’t completely neglect it, try to work on it side by side along with what you are currently doing.

In the end, you will feel pleasant only if your mind and heart love what you are doing. So, listen to the inner sound of yours. So that you will come to know what you truly want in life.

  • Take a risk in your 20s.

This is the right time if you are not happy with your current job or whatever you are doing in life. This is the perfect time to experiment with your life and understand what you truly love doing.

The major reason only a few people are able to achieve what they are dreaming of is their risk-taking factor. If you want to achieve something extraordinary in life, you have to take risks in life. Most people go for risk, usually in their 20s.

Never hesitate to take risk in your 20's

But, going against the odds is not as easy as it looks, you have to face lots of challenges. Most of the time you have to taste failure; I know it’s bitter, but you have to deal with it if you want the sweet taste of success.

It is very much important that, while taking a risk, prepare your mind for every situation, so you won’t have any other choice rather than giving your best.

  • Come out of Your Comfort Zone.

This is another reason why we see only a few people able to get what they truly desire. A comfort zone is a barrier that restricts you from getting what you truly deserve.

The journey to success is hard at first, but when you become successful, that experience is far more pleasurable than anything else.

if it doesn't challenge you it will not change you

That is the primary reason most people aren’t able to go long, even though they take their first step, they don’t like to come out of their comfort zone.

  • Start investing in yourself.

The best example to understand why we need to invest in ourselves is, we know our grandparents had planted many trees during their time, and now we get to enjoy those fruits and flowers.

They have done this because they know even though they aren't able to enjoy this fruit, at least their children will.

The main takeaway from this is that they have understood the importance of investing.

If you start investing in yourself for learning new skills and knowledge, you might not get its benefit now but, you will surely get its fruits in the long run. 

Invest in yourself. your career is the engine of your wealth - paul clitheroe

Learning never goes to waste, you will definitely get the chance to apply this knowledge. Therefore, give more priority to learning than earning in your 20s.

  • Start reading Books.

If you want to learn and get real experience then start reading. The reason why you should read books which are written by successful people is that when you read you are having a conversation with them.

You get the chance to talk to them through their books. When you read a particular book, there is an exchange of ideas and thoughts that take place. As a result, your thinking ability gets manure, and you start making the right decision.

Therefore, reading books gives true life lessons.

  • Work on your mind and body.

Tell me what is the use of that money and fame, if you don’t have a peace of mind and a healthy body.

There is a great saying: “people spend their entire life working for money by compromising on their health and later spend the same money to get back their health.”

Being healthy and fit not only makes you feel better about yourself, but it also makes you feel motivated and strong. In other words. It makes you feel good about yourself.

To get peace of mind, you can go for meditation and to get the perfect body you can go for exercise or yoga.

I know including all these habits in your lifestyle seems to be difficult, but at least try to add one-one habit into your day-to-day life.

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