Our fingers on the hand are not of the same type, they differ by size and shape, just like that the people around us are not the same, they are different by emotion, feeling, attitude, personality.

Top 10 things we should never do in our life?

Sometimes the simple act of fun could be a big insult to someone else. That is why we should act sensibly. So that the other person who we really value will not get hurt by our actions.

Here are some life lessons that one can learn and adapt in their life to live a happy and cheerful life.

If you can’t encourage anyone, don’t ever discourage them.

We often make fun of people and laugh at them. Those laughs stay with you only for 5-10 minutes, but the negative impact that this act can create is measureless. When one discourages someone by some means, most people take this to their hearts.

If you can’t encourage anyone, don’t ever discourage them.

And we also don't know how that other person's anger can turn us down in the future. That's why if you can’t encourage, at least don't discourage them. In such a situation, being silent is far better than anything else.

Never compare yourself to others.

This is by far the biggest mistake you can commit in your life. Comparing yourself with other people most of the time leads to discouragement, demotivation, and self-doubt.

Remember, everyone has the potential to achieve whatever they want in life but, if we keep doubting for some silly reason. In the long run, it will try to create lots of obstacles in your path. 

Don't play with someone's feelings.

Playing with someone feeling is like you are playing with someone's emotion. 

The biggest reason we should not play with anyone's emotions is that it not only breaks that person's trust, but that person also gets emotionally broken down and finds it difficult to trust anyone later.

In most of the cases, emotionally broken down people take such action, which we can’t even imagine. That is why everyone should respect each other's emotions. 

Never push yourself in love.

We see many people have heartbreak these days. There will always be one in a group who will be in a relationship. You very well know how that person's behaviour and priorities change as time goes on.

The problem with the current generation is, they get into relationships by seeing other people. But most of the time this fantasy puts them in a state where one totally gets broken up. And this break up comes with anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, etc.

Nowadays, most relationships are not happening because of understanding, they are occurring because of external beauty, the external attraction. Do you call it genuine love? 

Therefore, if you are a person who values internal beauty over external beauty, then never force yourself to be in a relationship. You will definitely find the right partner at the right time. For now, just focus on your current goals. 

Don’t Dis-respect parents and elders

When I was a child, I was taught to respect and help people who are old. That is the reason I always make sure I respect people around me.

Treat people with respect, if you want to be respected

I don't know why, but whenever I do this kind of simple act like respecting elders and helping them when they are in need, I get satisfaction that isn't expressible. That feeling is priceless to me.

If you have never done such an act of helping and respecting the parent or elder, then at least give it a try. And just experience the feeling which you get after doing that. 

Never forget the people who have helped you in your difficult time.

We know, when we are in some tough times, we get to see only a few people around us and we feel like the whole world is against us and trying to put us down. 

Tough times are the best time when one can come to know who are your real well-wishers. That is the reason you should never let these kinds of people get away from your life.

Remember, you will find a lot of people when you are in a good time and everyone will be around you, making you realise they are with you. But whether they are reality going to stand by you or not? Only a difficult time will tell you.

Don't show attitude: always be ground to earth

There is no doubt everyone's behaviour and lifestyle change once they become famous or achieve any big success. 

But the real person has no effect on this. Because they know what they have gone through? How much hard work they had put in to achieve this success.They never try to show off. 

If you look at them, you will find they are always ground to earth, respecting every individual. They know how it feels to be. 

The people respect those leaders who respect each individual. So, always remember where you have come from and how much hard work you have put to get to that position.

Don’t directly jump to conclusion

We all know there are two sides to coin, one is head and another one is tail, similar thing also applied in our real life to whenever we are in any situation or dilemma. But most of the time we only see one side of the coin and make our decision.

We always want justice to be delivered. Right? And if you only listen and think to one side and directly jump to conclusions and make decisions, do you think justice will be delivered? 

We listen to only one person and consider that as the trust, we never take effort to verify whether, whatever that person is saying is truth or lie. This is happening in every situation. That's the reason. If you think you are a smart person and want to make smart decisions, then never make a final judgement so easily. 

Don't give much importance to money over health

Let me ask you one question: if you have been asked to choose one: either money or health? What would you choose? Just give it a try and also think why you will choose that?

I know some people will say I will choose money and will take care of my health. But think from a long-term perspective. I have not mentioned how much money you will get as well. 

There are a lot of true stories out there, just google it and check. See how people's lifestyles and mindsets change when they get countless amounts of money. Here, I don't want to put anyone down or insult anyone. 

Greatest Wealth is health

The point which I want to convey is. Try to give more importance to your health over money. If you have better health, then only you will give your 100%. Right? Therefore, always give more priority to your health.

Don't get addicted

The world is becoming fancy and unrealistic. A lot of things that people showcase about themselves are unreal. 

Looking at them, we also think of giving it a try, and slowly, this one last try becomes our daily habits. Here I am talking in general so you people can relate to it clearly.

This not only applies to social media, but it can also apply to relationships too. Getting addicted to something will always give pain and nothing else. 


Mistakes are a part of life. And it is true that we learn from our mistakes but just give it a thought. If you spend your whole life committing a mistake and learning from it then you will not have enough time to enjoy your life.

Therefore, the best approach is to learn from other people's mistakes too and should not repeat those common mistakes again.

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