Fire is one of the peaceful and destructive things one can get to experience. When the fire is in a neutral state, we find it more attractive and beautiful, and the same fire takes the form of large destruction. That scenario is very scary. Doesn't it?

Fire is the most essential asset we as a human have, we use this asset to cook our daily foods. It is one of the essential factors of our day-to-day life. We rarely pay much attention to this.

Just imagine how your favorite food would have tasted without being cooked on fire?

We always see fire either in the kitchen or in the Diya(in a temple). Have you ever had the thought that you can learn a lot from a fire? Sound crazy? Yes?

Well, now we will be going to discuss the different life lessons that you can learn from the fire. We always see a fire at different places in different forms, but now we are going to think deeper and understand what we can learn from it.

5+ life lesson that you can learn from fire

  • Never ever give up - Fight until your last breath:

If you are an Indian, then you must have lightened up Diya while worshiping the god or during Diwali, or at least. That's where we get to see the peaceful nature of the fire.

Have you even looked closer to this Diya or candle? When we keep this Diya, does it fire straight in the air or does it move in some random pattern?

Actually, When we light up the candle it doesn’t light up straight, it moves in a different direction as the wind comes. I call it "fire dancing” when I was small. i used to kept looking at this phenomenon and used to enjoy it.

Never ever give up - Fight until your last breath | life lesson from fire

The life lesson that one can learn from diya is: Even though a fire has the fuel and purpose to burn up, there is always something external which tries to put him down, but some or other way fire tries to fight with it and survive. From this, we can learn the NEVER GIVE UP attitude of Fire.

Just like fire, we also get revolved around with a lot of negative thoughts and that thoughts constantly tries to put us down, and most of the time we give up on our dream. Which is not the right attitude to have.

Whenever you get such a thought and you feel like giving up on your dream, just remember the Diya fighting with the external wind.

  • When you get a chance - just explode.

We work hard; we plan, we fail; we rise and try again. This is the approach of most people. But most people give up after trying out a few repeated times.

The reason we keep trying, again and again, is because we need that one chance that will change our life. But we don't know when that chance is going to come. The thing which we can know is, we have to constantly keep working on our goals.

When we see a fire in Diya, it burns peacefully. But when the same fire gets burned out in any jungle or in the house, it takes a massive shape and causes unpredictable destruction. This kind of situation is very scary to imagine.

I don't want to imagine those situations, instead; I wanted to make you imagine the peaceful destruction (progress, improvements) that you will make if you get that one chance which you are looking for.

  • Don't underestimate yourself

We have discussed a fire burning up silently in Diya and also fire burning with a lot of destruction in the jungle. We as humans often underestimate our power and potential. And we take ourselves for granted.

Just like a fire has the power to destroy everything, even each one of us has the same potential. But the thing which we lag is patience.

Don't underestimate yourself | life lesson from fire

This is one great lesson that everyone needs to adopt in their life. Therefore, promise yourself that you are never going to take yourself for granted. Instead, you will always keep working towards your dreams and goals.

  • If you try to mess with me, I will burn you

Have you ever tried putting your finger or any object closer to fire? What happens as you move closer to the fire? Things get burned up. right?

And if we dare to put our finger closer to fire, we get a burning sensation and we don't make another attempt to do that again. Right?

Similar kinds of approaches you need to adopt in your day-to-day life. When someone tries to take you for granted and play with your emotion.

Being rude and angry on someone is wrong behavior, but sometimes you have to adopt it if another person doesn't care about your feelings and constantly tries to put you down. 

  • People will only remember you when you become bigger.

One of the primary characteristics of fire is to burn, it doesn’t see whether the particular object is small or big, good or bad. It only knows to burn.

But do you remember all the places where you saw the fire burning? Not right? You only remember fire when some big incident takes place because of fire.

Like that, achieve gigantic success if you want to be remembered by the people and if you want other people’s attention.

  • Light up other people's paths

Whenever the electricity goes off the first thing which we look for is the light. In order to lighten up our path.

Similarly, people in the ruler area use this fire to light up the Diya, so they can see what is around them during the night or when the power is shut down.

Light up other people's paths | life lesson from fire

The great message that fire conveys here is that we need to light up other people's paths. In the success journey, sometimes you will deviate from your path and sometimes others too. In that case, help other people when they are in need and they will also help you too when you are in need.

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