Watches are the common accessories that everyone wear. It not only improve the overall personality of a person, it also helps us in tracking our precious time efficiently.

We always say time is precious, and we should value our time. Thinking that we all wear the watch in our hands. But do you think the watch only tells us time? 

We all look at the clock when we need to know: what is the current time? That's what most people do. Right?

Life lesson from clock

So, let me change your perspective toward looking at a time. I am sure once you understand the below lessons you will not look at the clock the way you regularly do.

So, let's get started. Are you excited?

7 life lesson that we can learn from the clock

Respect your precious time:

This is the common and biggest learning which we get to learn, and most of the people are well aware of it. That we need to value our time. And everyone should use it properly so that we can get its fruits at a later time.

Respecting your time means understanding the importance of it in our life. We respect our parents, teachers, and elders. Do you know why? Because they are closer to our hearts and are valuable to us in our life. Without them, we will feel alone and demotivated. Similarly, without sufficient time, we will have nothing.

There is a famous saying by robin Sharma: “if you don’t respect your time, no one will respect your time”. The simplest meaning of these quotes is “give respect - take respect back”. 

One thing that is common among all successful people is that they know the importance of time. That is the reason they are successful in their field. If you want to be successful like them - start respecting your time.

Let’s now understand the life lesson that each hand of the clock provides us. 

Learn this from second hand: keep moving.

When we look for time on a watch, we see second hand continuously moving in a circular fashion in a clockwise direction throughout the day, throughout the week, throughout the month, and thought out the year, right?

Here's a big piece of learning we can get from the clock. Our life is like that only. We should also keep moving in our life. There will be ups and downs in our lives, which will try to put us down. But we should always keep our focus in moving forwards.

When this kind of difficult situation arises, just think about this hand and imagine how secondhand consistently does his work by expecting nothing.

This is the great learning which one can adopt in their life, just like second hand, we should consistently keep moving in our life.

Whenever the second hand completes its one revolution, the minute hand gets the chance to move forward by one step. Can you able to relate the working of the minute hand to your day-to-day life? If not, let me tell you then.

Learn this from hour hand: consistently take one-one steps

We see second-hand movement whenever we look for time. But we hardly get to see minute hand movements. Similarly, in life whenever one wants to achieve something in life. Try to take a small-small step toward your goal. 

I know, just like an hour hand. You won't be able to see your result in a shorter time span, but the thing from a long-term perspective. How big you could achieve if your attitude becomes like an hour hand.

Most people pay little attention to minute hand movements, But the situation changes when this minute hand completes its one cycle.

Similarly, whenever you take some initiative in life, during the initial day things will be tough and you will not see any change or improvement. But as time passes, things will change and you will see fruitful results.

Learn this from hours hand: success takes time.

Now let’s understand the hour hand. Just like a minute hand, the hour hand has to wait for a long time to take that one step.

If you want to relate this with your success journey, then let me give you a nice example. 

Whenever one want to achieve something big, we divide that thing into a smaller goal. As these small - small goals get complete, we get awarded with gigantic success. Just try to relate this with the hour hand in the clock.

We should not forget our roots

Each Hand in the clock travels in a circular manner and comes back to the same old position. Similarly, humans also travel and in the end come back home to our loved ones.

Our main roots are our family. We were born and bought up in their guidance. They are the true believers and well-wishers of our lives. 

We become successful and become big people, and most of the time we forget about our loved ones. But remember, without a loved one, our life will have no meaning or purpose. You might be happy, but you won't have anyone with whom you can share your joy. 

That is the reason you should give your time to them. They are the people who will guide you if you are in a tough time. 

Try again and again, and be ready to give what you have

You remember how the bulb was invented. Yes, right? Do you think the success was delivered at the first attempt? No right? After trying it out 100 - 1000 times, then only the successful bulb was invented.

A similar thing one of the clock hands does every single day. Do you know which hand I am talking of? 

If your answer is second hand, then you are right. The second hand completes its one full cycle, pushes the minute hand by one step, and again starts its journey from the beginning. Just think about it: are you ready to try multiple times and are you ready to give away all your effort for other people's happiness?

Forget everything and start again

We have already seen that the second hand completes its part and pushes the minute hand forward and again starts its journeys. This is not a one-time cycle. This phenomenon occurs after every minute. 

Just like second hand, we should also forget all our negative thoughts, which put us down, and should move ahead with full determination and with full strength.

I hope you have enjoyed the fresh perspective which I have given about the clock. From now on you will not see the clock as the ordinary asset which tells the time, you look at time as your mentor who teaches - lots of valuable life lessons.

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