We know whatever we learn never goes waste, therefore one should make every possible effort to learn in every situation. However, learning everything is also not that easy as it looks.

Do you ever get a thought? Why are only a few students able to remember and deliver what they have learned? 

7 powerful study habits used by scholar students

Why can only a few students memorize whatever they have learned?

There were tons of questions which I have no answer to, so I started researching about it, after listening to the interview of the students and reading a few articles. I have noted down a few tips and tricks that work like a charm for those smart students.

Tips and tricks to become a bright student

Before proceeding further I would like to give out the disclaimer. All this technique requires practice and regular practice. Success doesn't deliver overnight. So, make sure you apply them into your study habits to get the same kind of result which few expert students get.

Discuss the topic with your friends

Discussing the topic with your friend has got many advantages over learning alone. When you discuss. It not only clears your doubt but also helps others understand a particular topic in depth.

If you want to get more out of this approach, then one should have a friend interested in this concept. There should not be someone who just joins, for fun and time passes.

It’s a "give and take” approach. Where one explains a particular topic to others when someone doesn’t know and others listen to it, and if some doubt arises during the discussion, it becomes easier to resolve that doubt at that point.

Develop an interest in learning

You won't be able to go long unless you have a genuine desire to learn. So, before going for  anything else; develop an interest in learning.

When you truly want something. You know better - nothing can stop you in achieving it. Even distractions will have less impact on it.

Having genuine interest in study gives internal motivation, which will drive you to study in every situation and help you become more focused in your study.

Remember, nothing will come your way unless you have a genuine desire from inside.

Take Micro-notes

The thumb rule of understanding any concept is learning, reading, listening, and then writing it. When you follow this cycle, learning a new concept becomes easy.

Just think, you had read two pages on a particular day. On that day, if anyone asks you to summarize those two pages. It won’t be difficult for you to explain. But if the same question is asked after a few days. There is a high chance that you will miss some or other important points that need to cover.

And if you look back, it will consume a lot of your time. So, how can one tackle this problem? 

Even scholarly students face similar problems too. To overcome this problem, they either highlight the important point that needs to be covered or they will make a micro note of that topic.

Making a Micro note helps in revising quickly before the exam, as you need not go through the full textbook.


Most of the students don’t know the benefit which one gets when one meditates. As in most schools, they do not introduce this to students. The useful impact of meditation is not seen in a few days. 

Actually, It is a process and to master it, it takes time. When you get mastery in it, you will get to experience unbelievable energy. The sooner you understand the importance of it, the better it for you. 

Do meditation - 7 powerful study habits used by scholar students

If you are a student and you are consistently practicing meditation, then you will experience an enormous amount of power, which will help you concentrate, help you remember things, and so on.

That is the reason most people either start meditation but can’t go long because they find it boring and a waste of time. But if you are a student and want some extra boost in your study, then try at least 5-10 minutes of meditation either in the morning or evening.

Distance yourself from distraction

Do you know who your real enemy is and who your loyal friend is? For me, the biggest enemy is DISTRACTION and my best friend is TIME. 

When one gets DISTRACTED. we waste our valuable time. If we use the same time to learn something new, that would have helped us in the long run. Even though we know that, we still make the same mistake.

Here, when you let distractions take control over you. Which is bad.

Similarly. When you value your time and understand the true potential of every second of your life. Your enemy stays away from you. As a result, achieving impossible things becomes possible.

So, at least when you are doing a quality study. Try to keep all your distractions away from you. This will help you to fully dedicate your time for study.

Be consistent

Everyone should know how to be consistent toward work. Because, huge buildings are not built in one day. It takes time, it requires a consistent amount of time and effort to get the best of the best.

So, be consistent in your study, divide that bigger milestone into small-small achievable milestones.

Know when you are fully focused.

If I say “you need to get up in the morning and start learning” then only you will be able to do well in the exam. Then I would be biased in my opinion. The reason being, some people feel they are fully focused during the night while some feel they are doing great in the early morning.

That is the reason, one should look deep inside and understand themself. And should see what time they feel more focused and active based on that conclusion decide your time.

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